We are involved in promoting, mobilizing and encouraging new and existing mission movements as well as providing a network of mission opportunities locally and internationally by expanding - a mission network committed to the following  actions:-

WE RAISE up mission minded gifted Christians and ministers in the right role and the right way, at the right time and in the right place to fulfill their calling in carrying out the great commission of Matthew 28.18-20.

WE GO : we train saints and church leaders for world harvest and then send for mission locally and internationally  to reach the un-reached and the un-churched with the good news of Jesus Christ as the only hope of salvation for a world-wide global harvest.mission is our heart bearts and focus.reaching nations to spread the gospel and plant new churches

WE HOST missionaries from bible based ministries, mission agencies and churches to equip our ministers and believers for a greater harvest and effectiveness in their ministry and their work for Christ to reach our nation and beyond.

WE PARTNER with bible based ministries, churches and mission agencies to reach other parts of the world with the gospel.

WE SUPPORT by equipping and raising funds for our ministers/missionaries to carry out home mission tasks and international mission assignment as the Lord provides.

WE EQUIP church leaders and believers to be effective in evangelism and mission by supplying them with books, CDs, DVDs, pamphlets and other resources to boost them for harvest in the vineyard of our Father.we equiped them with bible study aids and discipleship books.

WE PLANT:we are church planting organization.we raised disciple to plant churches any where in the world to reach the unchurched and the unreach people. by linking local churches with each other and other churches worldwide to plant churches in  our nation. This way this way we are able to be the body of Christ for global harvest.

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